Beyond Bar Code and Flex Pack, thermal technology drives a broad variety of other on-demand printers as well. These include portable printers, scale printers, dye-sublimation ID card printers and even multi-head, 4-color process printers. Daikon’s engineers are always working on replacement printheads for existing thermal printers in all categories.

If you have a specialty printhead opportunity, send us the details.


High performance thermal printhead development is a complicated, highly specialized process. Physical considerations such as unit width, component thickness, protective glazes and heat sink design – coupled with technical specifications like print speed, resolution, film type and driver IC history control – can make it a very challenging procedure. That being said, Daikon’s global network of engineers is the best in the business, and we’d love to hear about your custom application. (Please be prepared to supply sample printheads, media, printer specifications and target price points.)